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We will prepare a complete analysis of your current site or the prepared solution. We will propose adjustments to improve SEO and the user-friendliness of the site.

Simply put analysis of internet presentation aims to increase site traffic and achieve better positions in search engines. This results in increased sales of your goods or services. If you have a website, but it seems to you that it does not produce expected results, then this service is intended for you.

Website audit cannot be done without an intensive cooperation with you. We assume that it is you who best knows your customers, whether actual or potential. We only allow you to get to them better through our marketing experience .


Website analysis consists of the following individual parts:

  • Keywords - we will suggest an optimal set of keywords and their incorporation into the site to maximize traffic to your target group. Improvements in keywords means also improvement in search engine positions.
  • Site navigation - we will recommend changes to the navigation of your presentation so that customers can intuitively navigate your site without any problems.
  • Competitor analysis - we will search through the websites of your biggest competitors to find their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Correct display in the main browsers - We will go through your website in major browsers (MSIE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and make a list of bottlenecks that need to be adjusted.
  • Accessibility - we will create a barrier-free site, providing a full-featured content for handicapped, blind, partially sighted or otherwise disabled visitors to your site.
  • Usability - we will create site structure and navigation so that every visitor can quickly and easily find what they are looking for.
  • Loading speed measuring - we will measure the speed of loading for each page of your site and suggest changes so that even someone with inferior connection  is able to load your presentations quickly. This reduces the probability that this user will go away to a competing site because yours is taking him too long to load.
  • Search engine rankings - we will check the position of your website in search results of the major Czech and foreign search engines and suggest changes so that your presentation is in the best possible rank.
  • Development proposal - we will suggest your presentation development strategy for the next period.
  • Proposed changes - this section will contain a list of necessary changes, which were not included in previous chapters.
  • Evaluation - part of the analysis is a set of tools to determine the effectiveness of the proposed changes. Besides visitor statistics you can measure how long a visitor spent on your website, whether they navigated easily and quickly get information and services of their interest.

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