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    Initial analysis

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    Schemes design

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    Templates preparation

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    Programming in TeamSite

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    Filling with data

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Launched: 2013

  • 60product pages
  • 6meetings
  • 2language mutations

Pharmaceutical company Bayer belongs among the largest companies in the world focusing on production and primarily research of new medications. Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals specializes especially on the fields of hematology, oncology, special therapeutics and health care for women. We have created a completely new presentation for Bayer. Its core is based on a content management system TeamSite. Within the contract we carried out initial analysis, web design according to CI, design and programming of templates and filling presentation with data.

Project URL: www.bayerpharma.cz

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We adhere to the legislation

The pharmaceutical industry is governed by strict legislation. In our work we are aware of this fact and a new web presentation of Bayer fulfills this respect in all the necessary requirements. Presentation bayerpharma.cz is primarily intended for professionals only.


Product details

At the detail of each product leaflet is provided available for download together with the specifications of the medication (SPC). In addition, selected medications provide materials for both doctors and patients, and also thematic articles or events. The entire template complies with the corporate identity of the company Bayer.

Event calendar

Integral part of education especially for professionals are various conferences, seminars, training sessions and lectures. Bayer organizes or participates annually in several dozen of them.



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