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Car components Štancl

Launched: 2014

  • 15 graphic templates
  • 3000products
  • 571coffees

This car components specialist for Škoda cars reached the business phase where it was necessary to professionally represent the sale on the Internet. Thanks to our experience with e-shops we have developed a solution combining more than 50 product categories and hundreds of vehicle categories into easy-to-use e-shop, which is directly linked to the commodity search engines, supports online payment gateways and the administration of orders and products has been tailored exactly to the needs of the client.

Project URL: www.autodily-stancl.cz

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Categories and product detail

E-shop pages are designed for quick and easy navigation. Thanks to the real user testing and tuning of the e-shop we were able to design intuitive solution. Even first time users can easily find what they need.

Tailored design

Together with the client we analyzed the needs of their customers, the target group was defined and the first draft of the e-shop was prepared. This draft was then tuned by browsing and testing the competitors websites, further developed based on client experience with their customers and on our know-how in usability and website standards. The resulting e-shop is ready to satisfy the large wholesale purchases by service centers as well as the end users who need to replace their broken light.


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