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AŽD Praha

Launched: 2012

  • 3language versions
  • 300hours of work
  • >400daily visits

The website of the Czech company AŽD Praha radically changed its face after six years. The result is a modern and clear presentation with user-friendly environment for business partners, journalists, and last but not least for lovers of railways.

Project URL: www.azd.cz

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What the client said:

"Out of the five companies surveyed, NETservis eventually won capturing completely our requirements," says the AŽD Praha spokesperson Jiří Dlabaja. "In the beginning, we clearly defined that the new site is to be a modern, friendly, easy. The most difficult task was to build a new website to simplify the orientation of visitors in our extensive manufacturing portfolio (within two clicks) and at the same time to clearly define that AŽD Praha is a dynamic and modern company. Another important requirement for selecting the winning company was an intuitive content management system for website editing. In this aspect, the offer of internet agency NETservis absolutely met our requirements."

Jiří Dlabaja (spokesperson)

Perhaps each of us has already met with security technology by AŽD Praha. The company is a major supplier of intersection, camera, tunnel and parking systems and crosswalks.

AŽD Praha is a leading purely Czech supplier and manufacturer of security, telecommunications, information technology and automation. It focuses mainly on rail and road transport including telematics and other technologies. The company provides research, development, design, production, installation, reconstruction and maintenance of equipment, systems and investment units in the field of security and automation equipment for transport systems.




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